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The Ministry will promote the shipbuilding industry mergers and acquisitions

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In the last two days at the "2011 China International Maritime Exhibition, Senior Marine Forum", the Ministry of the heat of the next party member Guo 2 to 3 years, both from the world or our country, will enter the shipbuilding industry mergers and acquisitions and structured frequent adjustment period.
Guo scorching further noted that while last year, China became the world's largest shipbuilding country, but China's shipbuilding industry, there are some deep-seated contradictions and problems, including the industrial structure is irrational, there is still gap between the overall level of technology, marine engineering and equipment development has just started , shipbuilding shipbuilding industry lags behind the development of high-end product design, ship building capacity to be improved.
Therefore, the Government will further optimize the industrial structure of the ship, and promote trans-regional, cross-ownership and other forms of mergers and acquisitions, increased industrial concentration, "strive to China in 2015 has five or more enterprises to enter the world top 10 , the top 10 companies account for shipbuilding total shipbuilding output had risen to more than 70%, while promoting small and medium sized shipbuilding enterprises to "specialized, sophisticated, special" direction, in the field of special characteristics and advantages of the brand. "
Rongsheng Heavy Industries Group Holdings Limited, Vice President Chen Wenjun told reporters that China's manufacturing enterprises with various types of vessels of about 4,000, less than 300 scale enterprises, and a total of more than 60 shipyards in Korea, but South Korea's five major shipyards total shipbuilding capacity and accounting for about 80% of China's shipbuilding capacity ten shipbuilding companies combined accounted for only 52% of the national total.
The Shanghai Shipbuilding Engineering Society Zhang Shengkun also told us, a lot of business due to the current difficulties, in fact, has started a number of mergers and consolidation, annexation and consolidation mainly in Jiangsu and Zhejiang rapid development of some of the previous expansion of small and medium shipyards, and mergers and acquisitions side is not primarily the large shipyards, but some of the emerging marine, energy and environmental companies, hoping to expand the industry downturn, low-cost equipment and facilities.

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